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Best Summer Books 2023

"There's no better way to cool down in the summer than with a century-old cold case. In 1923, flapper Dot King's murder in Midtown Manhattan had the nation gripped in scandal, leaving behind a trail of clues strewn throughout Broadway's dark underbelly and beyond for trail-blazing journalist Julia Harpman — and author Sara DiVello — to uncover." Read the full article here.

Our Favorite New Novels for Summer Reading 

"...timed to the 100th anniversary of the real unsolved murder of a Manhattan “It" girl. DiVello’s story is centered around a female crime reporter determined to uncover the truth behind her killing." Read the full article here.

"New York City’s Jazz Age comes roaring to life in this vivid mystery from DiVello...this kaleidoscopic mystery impresses with its thoroughness and poignancy. Fans of historical true crime and stories set in the 1920s will be rapt." Read the full review here.

"DiVello maintains a breakneck pace from one brief, datelined chapter to the next. Her pulpy, over-the-top prose credibly evokes the era’s crime magazines, while her fidelity to the characters and the well-documented facts surrounding the unsolved murder give the story extra interest. Her meticulous care extends to a lengthy postscript tracking the subsequent lives of all those involved. A juicy Roaring ’20s crime yarn set in red-hot Manhattan." Read the full review here.

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